Nonnative is a tribute to Antwerp

the city that is hosting me since 2011. A city of a little over 500.000 inhabitants, that has one of the highest number of Expats living in the city center. The idea of building Nonnative started in 2016 when, after noticing all thriving blogs about het Stad: Antwerp through the eyes of local people, or just regular people from all over Belgium etc. I thought why not looking at this city through the eyes of someone that’s not from here and that has a totally different cultural experience that differs from Belgian people.
I discovered myself so many times talking to local people about a museum, a shop or a venue and realizing they didn’t know what I was talking about! So I thought if only we could bring to life the experience of Expats people about Antwerp… This amazing city deserves a true testimony of its beauty and charm.