Are you afraid of the dark? This is your one-time-a-year chance to walk at night around the beautiful park Rivierenhof. Almost 30.000 people attend every year to witness the suggestive work of lights and music, sounds of nature. In 2019 directed by Christophe Van Hostauijen.


Every year around Halloween, for a fair price ticket, you get the chance to walk in Rivierenhof with an incredible surreal atmosphere: the most beautiful lights and noises of nature built in a suggestive game of shadows.
Take a stroll with all the family members: it starts in Parc Grote Schijn that you’ll reach if you get in from Turnhoutsebaan and reach the Kasteel, then you walk to this little spot in the middle of the park which is going to be fully illuminated, there you’ll find the entrance spot. They even give you a little guidance light for the darker paths.

The evocative sounds of nature will transport you into another world. The overall theme in 2019 was the ‘trees talking to each other‘, no music as background. Just talking plants and trees in the shadow of the lights of nature.


Ruggeveldlaan, 2100 Antwerpen


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