What’s the best spot to have a rooftop view of Antwerp? A 60 meters-high building that has its eyes on the Schelde: the MAS.
If you go to the MAS (Museum aan de Stroom) you’ll get to discover 500.000 art pieces and a 360 degrees view on the city. During summertime the rooftop view (free entrance) is open until midnight, the best sunset view ever.
The building is made of Indian red sandstone and curved glass panels that make a breath taking reflection on the water and create a unique view of the city from the inside of the building.


The Museum aan de Stroom is one of the youngest museum in Antwerp. It opened up in May 2011 with its perfect location along the riverside, the Schelde in the Eilandje district, one of the most contemporary place to live.
This museum stands on top of Antwerp’s port and it has the best view ever of the city.
Don’t miss out the Life and Death floor exhibition, nor Antwerp à la carte, an interesting research on the relationship between city and food. Also the saluting Admiral Couple on one of the highest floor (the 8th), a creation made by Guillaume Bijl made for the 5th anniversary of the MAS, it’s a must! And when you reach the 5th floor, start looking down for the Dead Skull art piece by Luc Tuymans in the square of the MAS, this is a piece 96,569 stones in 11 different colours and it was a way for the artist to connect the present with the past, exactly like the MAS does.


Hanzestedenplaats 1, 2000 Antwerpen



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