You cannot miss the sketch of ‘The Scream’ by Munch and it’s black and white reproduction on different panels that floats into the main room on the first floor. Some of these Graphic works are included in this museum’s temporary collection. The Museum De Reede, situated at a 2 minutes walk from Grote Markt, it’s the perfect artistic break from the outside world. The suffused lighting and the sketches, almost all in black and white, create on their own a bubble atmosphere that make you forget where you are.


This small and intimate museum it’s the first in Antwerp that is dedicated to Graphic works of Francisco Goya, Félicien Rope and Edvard Munch. And besides the obvious reason you’d have to visit this place, it’s also interesting to learn that the name of the museum itself takes its origins from the name of the block where is situated De Rede. They chose to use the spelling of the 16th and 17th centuries De Reede (anchorage), used to name the place where ships anchored to ready themselves for the next journey.


Ernest van Dijckkaai 7, 2000 Antwerpen
Museum De Reede



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