If you are thinking that this place is just another regular Bakery, well it’s definitely not. In 1938 Frans Dellafaille established this business in Schoten and then after a few handovers in the family, in 2010 it arrived in Antwerpen Zuid. If you are an early bird and want a warm pastry to start your morning then you might try here, they are the only shop open at 7:30 in this neighbourhood. This means warm coffee or cappuccino for you also to take away with sweets.
Their slogan, or motto Komt voor de Bakker is what they try to achieve every day by pleasing everyone with a smile.


Dellafaille has any kind of bread you can think of, freshly baked every day. Also a number of pastries or koffiekoeken are available. Croissants are not their strength, but all the rest is just ‘Yummy’. They also serve at the counter, very Italian style. It makes it look like an on-the-go. Try to be early on Saturday and Sunday morning, this place can be incredibly crowded.
You can also order cakes or pastries beforehand, even through their app Bakkerij Dellafaille


Museumstraat 2, 2000 Antwerpen

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