Whether it’s in the form of piping hot chocolate or un café au lait, you’ll receive this same welcome with our wide, round bowls. Hold it in your hands and feel at ease.” These are some words described to welcome you to Le Pain Quotidien. There are different locations in Antwerp, but I find this one the most beautiful so far, both in terms of position and interior design. Try not to miss to the details of the interior design of this place. It used to be the Brasserie De Markt, now they’ve invested in this charming restaurant and in fact by just getting in Le Pain Quotidien you’ll smell fresh daily baked bread with butter and jam, pain au chocolat, and all the nice pastries they make.


Le Pain Quotidien – The Daily Bread. There’s no better name than to describe what’s the success of this Belgian business that turned a small bakery into a worldwide known brand and concept bakery. Try their Citroentaartje, or their daily Tartines. Check out the big terras outside that faces the market in Theaterplein, cannot miss that when the sun is shining.


Graanmarkt 6, 2000 Antwerpen



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