If you love wild shopping for antiques and second hand, vintage objects. If you like secret treasure hunts, then you cannot miss going to one of the Rommelmarkt in Antwerp. This is the place where you get to rediscover old things and give them a new life. It’s also the perfect universe for eco-friendly people to walk around, as it celebrates the reuse of furniture and clothes. A Rommelmarkt is the market where there is no waste accepted.


In a Rommelmarkt usually there are different kinds of sales stands: The one where you can buy by piece (usually things here are very cheap unless they are original antiques) and also sales stands that will sell you a box of Rommel (old junk, like in a Flea market) for about 5€ or 10€. This will be a box for you to open at home and decide, among all the things you’ll find in it, what to keep what to give away. I dare to say: if you like surprises you’ve come to the right place.

Just look up on Facebook for the next event. There is almost one every 10 days.


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