Have you ever dreamed of a place where you can enjoy breakfast, the smell of a warm Cappuccino or a Latte while looking at old tall trees? A place where you can please yourself with a good lunch while hearing birds chirping? What if this place was in the city center? What if you couldn’t see cars from it? That’s Bardin! Bardin is a almost hidden coffee bar on Mechelsesteenweg, you don’t notice it right away. Though it’s the perfect gateway from the chaos of the city.
It seems like a small café, but inside very deep, furnished with taste. The backyard terrace is huge, and has a lot of space for events too. The wooden tables welcome you as if you were in the back garden of your mom. Don’t forget to check out the cutlery and the wooden board on which they serve some meals. Breakfast or Brunch is ideal. Bring a book, or come with a friend for a chat. You’ll be amazed how the trees in the back garden stare at you with such peace, while you enjoy some sun and good food.


Homemade cakes, Sandwiches, Tartines, anything that fits your appetite. I came here with a friend for lunch and it was such a lovely sunny afternoon, that we didn’t realize how much time we spent here. It can be crowded if the weather is good, so try to plan it in advance.

Mechelsesteenweg 102, 2018 Antwerpen

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