Como Como is a tiny cute dinner place on Kammenstraat, won’t notice it unless you walk by. Como Como it’s a Spanish restaurant, not in the common sense though. The owner and employees are certainly Spanish and they do serve Paella, Chipirones, Churros, etc. but in this place you only get dishes in the form of Tapas, like a small appetizer.
The other peculiarity is that a mechanic carpet serves you the Tapas, which move around the whole restaurant. This restaurant can be very crowded in the weekend. So forget it if you don’t book a spot in advance. Last time we went there we thought we didn’t get good seats, but being close to the chef  meant we could observe him cooking (totally hypnotized), et starts) gave us the privilege to choose from the first warm plate that were ready to be eaten.


I’d say everything tastes really good here. Incredibly yummy! If you’re a fan of Spanish food you’ll want to try the mini Paella (it comes served in a small metal pan too, so cute) the chicken or every other meat they cook, chorizo or cheese (both delicious), don’t forget to taste Churros as well… Buen Provecho!

Kammenstraat 75, 2000 Antwerpen

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